Spanish Classes

Do you want to start your trip into the amazing Spanish universe?
Learning Spanish opens a new whole world where you come in contact with new people, their culture and society.
We offer you personalized and appropriated Spanish classes that cover your needs, tempo and goals.

Spanish courses that matches your needs

General Spanish courses

Marketing Materiale Prepare you to communicate in Spanish, read, write and guide you through a conversation.
Your personal goals and needs will be our starting point, while we keep your own rhythm. You will get the skills needed for a fluent communication, written and oral, being able to analyse texts and hold a conversation. We will focus and work in the different word classes and cover the differences between your own language concepts and the ‘right Spanish tone’. Theory will be supported by grammatical exercises as well as listening practices, giving you the opportunity to check the new Spanish movies and some of our musical heritage. We will adapt our cultural approach to your personal interest, cultural or business focused.

Conversational skills

Marketing Materiale Build up better conversational skills and master the essential techniques to tackle any communication activity.
If you have already learnt Spanish and need some refreshing or extra practice to manage your listening and speaking skills, this course is for you. We will work on texts and multimedia material that matches your level, along with your personal interests, discuss and provide the right tools to lead you through your social relations. Our goal is that your will improve your coherence and expression in the Spanish language while you use the right sentence structure. At the same time, we will take care of the phonetic area, stress and rhythm, as part of the essential skills to master any communication activity.
Available online via Skype.


Marketing Materiale Need to brush up the grammar, assistance with next assignment or want to be ready for the next paper? Ad hoc lessons will get you ready for next exam. Whatever the goal is, it can be a good idea to get extra help where you can get the answers for that questions you don’t ask in class.

Spanish for business

Marketing Materiale If you are looking for expanding your business and Spain and Latin America are your destiny, contact us. We can help you out with online content for your web, mails and translations. We can coach you and your team for surviving business meetings and negotiations.


on-line kurser If you are a busy person or are located in a distant point, don’t worry, our online courses will help you out. Let’s use the new technologies for getting us together. Conversational lessons are easy over Skype, but if you are interested in a more comprehensive classes we can find a solution too. Your decide the tempo.